Xiaomi taking Start in US Smartphone Market this Year or Early 2019

Xiaomi hopes to enter US Smartphone Market this Year or Early 2019

The Smartphone market is saturating day by day and one of such attempt was made by Xiaomi this year. Xiaomi, a leading smartphone manufacturer in the world, has expressed its plan to enter the US smartphone market in the coming year.

Xiaomi Aims to start in US Market. 

Although, the company recently started operations in Western Europe, its next major target is US. Reports by a few top magazines such as the popular Wall Street Journal also indicate that the company may begin its first operations in America at the end of this year.

It won’t be the first time that Xiaomi will be entering the US market as it is currently a number of products in the US including Android Televisions and Android set-top box at various Wall Mart stores in the entire US.

Although, it started selling the products on Xiaomi’s official website, it later moved on to selling its various products on Amazon’s website. The products included headphone models, batteries, 360-degree camera, and a robot coding kit.

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To succeed in the American smartphone market, Xiaomi will have to rely heavily on carriers. ZTE is the best example of it. ZTE, a leading smartphone maker also partnered with US carriers which resulted in the greater market share for the company.

Although, the expansion will prove healthy, Xiaomi will have to pay close attention to US policies. Recently, the US policies restricted the US citizens from using Chinese products which has affected Chinese companies a lot.

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The same happened with Huawei in 2014 and since then Huawei has suffered a lot in the US. Huawei had plans to launch its latest Mate 10 Pro Flagship along with US carrier AT&T but the deal did not take place due to political pressure. In order to eliminate such circumstances, Xiaomi has taken a slow and steady approach to survive in the US market.


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