Now You Can Send UPI Payments on WhatsApp by Scanning a QR Code

Now You Can Send UPI Payments on WhatsApp by Scanning a QR Code

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication and social media platform around the world these days. It has made a great reputation and users are expecting a lot from WhatsApp. WhatsApp promises to deliver the most and in attempt to do this it launches new updates and features every now and then.

Recently, the new feature launched by WhatsApp of sending UPI payments through WhatsApp just by scanning a QR code has been the talk of the town. SO, let us start discussing this amazing feature.

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will support payments made through WhatsApp just by scanning a mere QR code. Recently at the start of this month WhatsApp launched this feature through which WhatsApp users will have the opportunity to make payments to any UPI ID. This feature is now available in both IOS versions as well as Android versions.

I the past critics had asked WhatsApp on a regular basis regarding this feature and WhatsApp used to respond that this feature is under testing and is currently available to only a million users and that too for the purpose of testing.

How to Use WhatsApp to Send Payments to any UPI ID?

Although WhatsApp’s new feature of sending UPI payments through WhatsApp is available on both the platforms of Android and IOS, it can be still really hard and difficult to find how to make the full and best use of this feature. Here is a complete guide that will allow you to make the best use of this feature.

  • Current WhatsApp users who already have the option of payments can go to WhatsApp then click on settings. A drop down menu will appear and then you need to select Payments. Here you can see all your previous transactions, transaction history, and details of your linked bank account. Here you will also find an option of Send Payment. You just have to select the Send Payment option and then a contact list will appear in front of you naming all your contacts. You will also see an option on the top named as @Send to UPI ID. You just have to select that option and enter the UPI ID.

Through this you can share money to anyone using UPI on their bank app or on BHIM just by entering their UPI ID in the payment section. The best thing about this feature is that it is not necessary for the other person to be on WhatsApp ad have payments activated to receive the money. If you prefer this method over other methods and the person to whom you are sending money does not have WhatsApp or payments section activated then also you can send your money through UPI.

The app also notifies friends and other users regarding the activation of their payments section.

To make a payment through QR code, you may need to follow this step.

  • After selecting the new payment option, tap on Scan QR code option. Then you will have to scan the QR code for payment.

After doing this a UPI PIN will be required to complete the payment process. WhatsApp had already received so much criticism from its users because of its inability to scan QR codes and make payments to other UPI ids. But now WhatsApp has made all of such things possible and have provided a big advantage to its users.


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