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Infinix mobile price rise due to dollar Rate change

Change In Infinix mobile pricces Due to rise in Dollar rate

In this post we will let you know about the lattest increase in Prices of Infinix mobiles in Pakistani Market but before moving towards our core moto in this post lets discuss about dollar increase in Pakistan.

Consumer Electronics price effected due to Dollar Rises

World is uodating it self according to its need and so we shoukd update our self accordingly. If we want to be a part of world race, we should know what is actually going on. According to the lattest updates of increase in Dollar rate in Pakistan. All gadgets and consumer electronics items are rumored to have an increase in prices because of exchange rate. For this Sake Infinix Pakistan has made some increases to follow the world. And some othe increase in price is also expected in near future and will update our users soon about any change in market prices.

Infinix mobile on which prices are increased

On 29-03-2018 Infinix Pakistan has made official price increase of these 2 models Due to dollar price rise. Model details are given below.

1. Infinix hot 5 (X559c)

2. Infinix Smart (5010)

Price change update of Infinix mobiles

Price change update of Infinix mobiles are given below.

  1. HOT 5 (X559c) having an OLD PRICE L: 14200 whereas the NEW PRICE: 14800 these prices are effect from 29-03-18
  2. SMART ( 5010 ) having an OLD PRICE: 9850 whereas NEW PRICE:10999 PKR these price are effect from 29-03-18

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