NUST Students Write History and Make Pakistan Proud

NUST Students Write History and Make Pakistan Proud:

NUST Students Write History and Make Pakistan Proud A team named TAME from NUST university of Pakistan has won a competition against top institutions from all around the world including institutes such as MIT, Cornell University, Stanford University, and Beijing University. The team from MIT grabbed the second position while the third position went to Virginia Tech University.

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The idea of the competition was based on ‘Innovating Aging in Place’. It revolved around ideas and ways that could work to improve the lives of aging individuals in the comfort of their own home. The final round was held on 30th March and the highlight of the event was when the team waved the Pakistani flag after winning a cash price of $100000.

NUST is highly proud of its students and the ideas and innovation provided by their students in the competition. The students succeeded in making a device that was named as TAME which is the first wearable device for pathological Tremor Categorization and Real-time suppression. Many people might be guessing that what Pathological Tremors are. So, here is a simple and basic definition of it. Pathological Tremors are the common neurological disorder that may sudden and rhythmic shaking in various parts of the body. Pathological Tremors are more common in hands.

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NUST students have succeeded in doing a great job that will help aging people all around the world live a high-quality life. And what about that prize money? Surely they are going to have a great time.


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