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Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri- Comparison Battle

Check out who is the best between Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri

Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri – Who is the best

Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri: Voice assistants are in great demand these days as their importance is becoming increasingly popular. As many old aged people have started using smartphones and people prefer more ease while using their smartphone, this has lead to increase in the value of voice assistants. We will be led you to know who is best between Google assistant Vs Iphone Siri Choice is always yours.

Although there are a variety of voice assistants available such as Alexa, Google assistant and Siri are the most popular and reliable ones. Google assistant is used in all Android smartphones while Apple uses Siri in all iPhones.

The debate for which of them is not new and has lasted for the last decade. People who use Android always say that Google Assistant is better than Siri although they may have several issues with Google assistant. While on the other hand, people who use iPhone say that Siri is better than Google assistant although they may also have several issues with their assistant.

So, let us start discussing which of them is better and settle the debate for once. So, here we start discussing which of them is better.

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Check out the categories we have set to find out the Comparision of Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri


Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri
Google Assistant vs iPhone Siri



Whenever we use an AI assistant, the first thing we see is that whether it is easy or tough to assess the AI assistant What will be the use of an AI assistant when it is hard and complex to understand. Siri wins the race here as it is available every time whether you are doing anything on your phone. All you have to do is to hold down the home button and here you go as Siri is available to help you. And this is also not it as you can activate Siri anytime as just by saying Hi Siri, Siri get activated and helps you in every possible means. On Android, Google assistant is placed in the assistant section which makes it difficult and complex to assess it every time. But, Google is trying its best to get rid of this issue and make it more convenient for its users.

Hardware Integration

The best thing about Siri is that it can be used on all Apple devices that range from Apple Watch, Mac, or even on the Apple TV. Users of Apple devices can get benefited by Siri on all of their devices. But, the usage of Siri can vary with devices as Apple TV may need a full kit for Siri to operate but overall it works on all hardware.

While on the other hand, Google Assistant also works with all devices that run on Android operating system and devices with chromecast and Google Home. However, there is news that claims that all third-party hardware manufacturers would be able to integrate Google Assistant into their devices.        


The major purpose of an AI assistant is to help its users with a variety of things. The AI assistant that helps its users quick and completely is highly preferred over other assistants. Both of these offer basic information regarding weather, sports, and basic queries but both of them also offer a wide variety of distinctive services too. Siri is more advanced when it comes to assisting you. It can tell you the time difference between two cities while it can also tell you about the petrol price in a particular city. Although Siri uses Wikipedia Wolfram Alpha for collecting the information related to queries, it is much easier to speak to Siri rather than typing a complete question on Google. Siri also provides the option to open basic applications such as music and message just by speaking to Siri which is quite beneficial for every user.

On the other hand, Google Assistant is way more advanced than Siri as you can not only get basic information from your AI assistant such as weather but you can also do much more than that. Through Google Assistant, you can you can add reminders in Google calendar while sending emails through Gmail too. Recently Google tried to provide its feature of calling and messaging on IOS too but it will only get better with time.                                                         

Developer Support

Recently, Apple started to introduce third party developers in its IOS starting with IOS 10 but it is still limited. Apple has intentionally stopped developers from using Google maps and music so that users could only use Apple’s own music and maps. Moreover, Siri developers are also limited to only a sort range of categories so if you want to increase its categories, you can’t.

Google Assistant has also made a very slow progress. However, it still allowed various developers to make third-party integrations this year so that users could enjoy the assistant more.

Both of these assistants are great on their own and the choice remains in your hand. So, use them and then decide which one suits you the best.


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