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First 5G Smartphone is the near future by Huawei

First 5G Smartphone is the near future by Huawei

Huawei set to launch First 5G Smartphone for Q3 2019

First 5G Smartphone: Huawei has become a big brand in Pakistan that is trusted and reputed all around the word. One of the main reasons behind its immense success is its innovative smartphones.

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According to sources, Huawei is planning to launch its first 5G smartphone for Q3 2019. The information was released by Huawei during the Global Analyst summit. Although the arrival of Huawei’s first 5G smartphone is highly anticipated, it will surely take some time to be released. Sources claim that Huawei will be launching the first 5G capable Wi-Fi hotspot before the release of its first 5G phone.

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Reports and predictions suggest that Huawei will be launching Mate 20 in the coming future. So, certainly the first 5G smartphone in Q3 2019 will be named Mate 30. A top Huawei official has also confirmed the release of 5G smartphone in the mid of 2019. Recently, Huawei launched the Balong 5G01 chip at a conference. Although we can hope that the 5G phone may contain the same chip, we are still not sure regarding that.

Assumptions have been made that Mate may be the first 5G smartphone. However, if Huawei succeeds in making a 5G smartphone, they may surely create a milestone. Moreover, Huawei is also planning to launch a flagship phone this year. So, all we can do is just wait and hope that everything turns out good.

Experts have made an opinion that 5G’s success will be low in its initial phase. They also anticipate that several factors may affect its growth. The chips used for 5G will be expensive compared to 4G. So, this means that the overall price of the phones will go up. Moreover, 5G devices will receive a premium status in the beginning. This is because only a few countries have the infrastructure for 5G technology.

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