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How to Use Google Lens’ New Features

Google Lens New Features

Google Lens has been quite popular and trending these days. It was once a pixel-only feature. However, now it comes along with Google Photos app or even can be downloaded alone too. Recently, Google updated Google Lens and introduced various new features that users can use. Most importantly, devices now support Google Lens within their camera app, making it even more exciting. Moreover, Google Lens is not only limited to Android devices only. Now, IOS users can also use Google Lens on their IOS devices.

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Although Google Lens is quite easy to use, people still find it confusing. All you have to do is to open an image in Google Photos and select Google Lens icon which looks like a box with a magnifying glass. Soon, it will start scanning the image and will provide details regarding the selected or captured image. With passage of time, Google Lens has improved a lot. Here are a few stunning ways in which Google Lens has improved.

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Copy Text from the Real World

This has been the most anticipated and used feature of Google Lens. This feature allows users to extract numbers, names, or any data from the captured image. This is the most popular Google Lens feature.

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Real-time Analysis with Anchor Points

This is a more advanced feature than the previous feature. Through this feature, users can open their camera and Google Lens will provide information regarding anything on which the camera has been pointed.

Dress-up with Google Play

This feature provides you details regarding similar clothing to the captured image. Through this, users can get a larger variety and get to know about various prices.

So, continue using Google Lens and enjoy your life to the fullest.


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