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Pakistani Rupee Crashes to Rs 142 Against US Dollar

Pakistani Rupee Crashes to Rs 142 Against US Dollar

Another big news is hitting in the market now. As the dollar rates in Pakistan are going to high for up to 142rupess. This sudden increment can make a huge impact on the economy of Pakistan.

However, earlier the dollar rates would be around 134, but now in today news, the rates are increase for up to 142 pkr. This sudden increment can surely affected badly to the Pakistan’s foreign debt also.

Also, we have also assumed that this reduction in the value of rupees can make many huge changes which affect externally and internally to Pakistan’s debt.

Therefore, an economic expert Mr. Muhammad Sohail said in a live show on TV channel that surely in up coming weeks, the value of rupee could definitely slump to further low as around 150 pkr.

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Moreover, to this, other experts also throw their point of views that the current weakness in the value of rupee might be happen because that Pakistan still haven’t obtain a bailout package from the IMF as because of their strict conditions.

Although, Mr. Asad Umar, the finance Minister of Pakistan also said that Pakistan doesn’t IMF loan as because the country crises has already cut it half down, so Pakistan don’t feel to get aproach to IMF loan.

However, according to our sources, this increment in dollar rates happened second time in just 7 days. As earlier, in November 23, the dollar rates would be around 134 pkr and now November 30, dollar rates are going up to 142 pkr.

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