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Huawei official confirms that their new OS will replace Android

Huawei official confirms that their new OS will replace Android

Huawei is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer and due to its growing popularity all around the world it does not need an introduction. It is now known as the second largest smartphone maker globally. It had been very successful in growing steadily in the list of the smart phone manufacturers.

There had been several reports about a news regarding the replacement of Android with OS previously however none of them were considered true until the Official Huawei themselves broke this news to the audience. The company has now broken a very good news for its users. The news had said that they have been working on their new OS and will surprisingly replace the Android. It is one exciting news for users all around the globe. For quite a long time this company has been occupied in working for their new OS. It is to be kept in mind that previously this company has been using Android on their phone devices. These rumors had been started earlier this year about Huawei replacing their Android with OS but it was just vague until the company themselves confirm it.


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Huawei’s approach on the new OS

Why Huawei is making its own OS stage when they are aware of the fact that it can be a mere struggle. To create operating system in a phone under the influence of android is quite simple and uninteresting but to develop an operating system of their own is quite an exhilarating labor. Many other company brands have their own operating systems but they do not work like that for instance Samsung has its own Operating System called the Tizen but it generally works in budget devices. Apple has its very own Ios etc. To make a personal OS work in a smartphone is a miracle and a definite success which makes a variety of people star struck for its success.

The news about the progress of the Brand-new OS was indeed confirmed by the Vice President of the official brand Huawei, Mr. Bruce Lee. Upon the questionnaire he only disclosed the news that a new Operating system is “under development”. This statement authenticated about the earlier wide-spread rumor.

Why had USA banned Huawei

USA banning Huawei and all its products can be a major concern as to why Huawei came up with the idea of developing their own Operating System. It was earlier in 2012 that USA decided to ban Huawei and its co related products for the first time. They somehow came with the assumption that through Huawei China has this massive master-plan to crash USA and spy on them. China, in response refused to fancy any of these allegations and completely struck them off. However, this can be seen as one significant clue to why Huawei made a settlement to fix this problem and create an Operating system of their own. This brand has also been striving very hard to attain the number one position in the list of smartphone brands. According to some reports this can be a clone copy of Android. Everyone will be eager to know that whether this operating system will be a success or a failure and this success can increase their number of users and help its market flourish.

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