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Oppo Smart Phones 

Price Range of Oppo Smart Phones:

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Oppo Mobile price in Pakistan of smartphones as of the year 2018 has increased slightly overall. The price of Oppo mobiles in Pakistan ranges from a minimum of Rs 16,990 to Rs 39,999. Their most expensive phone costs half of what Samsung’s and Huawei’s most high-end phones cost. Some of the smartphones prices have decreased whereas some phone’s prices have remained unchanged since their release. The above-listed price range is Oppo’s updated price in Pakistan.

Reviews of Oppo Android Devices in Pakistan:

According to “Global Stats- Stats Counter,” Oppo mobiles in Pakistan have captured 11.43% of the market of mobile phones in Pakistan from May 2017 to May 2018. Oppo is a relatively newer producer in the business of smartphones in Pakistan as it is originally a well renowned Chinese brand, Oppo phones have mostly dominated the Pakistani market in comparison to other countries’ markets and is to an extent a competitor of Samsung because of their mid to low end smartphones and of Huawei, Infinix, and Xiaomi. Oppo smartphones have been a big hit in the lower price range market of smartphones as they have closed the same specifications that the mid to low-end Samsung smartphones have, minus the brand name.

The ergonomics, the designs, and features of Oppo smartphones are similar to that of Samsung and Huawei. The Oppo reviews in Pakistan of Oppo devices, in general, have been positive, posted by Pakistani users on the forum of “Hamariweb.com.” Users have posted that they have found the devices to be lighter than most phones on their pockets, in comparison to other brands that offer the same specifications but at a much higher price than does Oppo offer.

The criticism of Oppo’s devices from the users is in the area of a variety in design because even though the design of Oppo’s smartphones is aesthetic and modern, it does not offer much variety in design, nor in color. Users have also criticized the lack of higher-end mobile devices.