Android P blocking unknown call by spam marketers

Android P is going to block all unknown call by spam marketers

With the release of Android P, it is expected that Google may finish the plague for telemarketing of goods. With the arrival of the new update, users have observed an increased call blocking, which will stop the marketing people from annoying you.

XDA Developers have made findings that Android P users will get the following benefits after using the latest android system.

How Android P works against unknown calls

  • Block calls from unknown numbers.

  • Block undisclosed numbers that are private numbers.

  • Block calls from Payphones.

  • Block calls from unsaved people or people who are not in the user’s contact list.

  • Block numbers without a Caller ID.

After seeing these features people might think that the update is same as the previous version. But, actually it is very different. To block an annoying number, current users have to blacklist the number first than it is blocked. But, with the arrival of the new update, users will have so much ease.

Being Anti social would be on profit

Anti-social people may benefit a lot from this new update. This new update provides the possibility of automatically blocking any unknown number which makes it easier to block unwanted calls. Although, you can do the same thing by downloading a few apps from the playstore, but it is not only time consuming, I am unsafe too.

Other protections from Android P

The latest Android version “Android P” will also protect your phone from apps that require camera and microphone access. The preview of the app will also be soon realized with a slowed down AOSP activity.

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