Amazon workers from spain has gone on strike

Amazon workers from spain has gone on strike

Amazon is the biggest hub of online shopping all over the world. But this biggest tank is also having some labour problems. At 13 march 2018 over 1000 Amazon spain workers are gone to strike, basically amazon workers are striking against a efforts of employees rights, and Amazon workeres has launched two days walk protest against it.

Amazon workers strike schedule

This strick is basically called by spain’s bigest labour union CCOOO with the other unions of spain. And there first. This first strike day will be on 21 march to 22 march and in this walk over 1100 peoplese will take part.

Strike reason

According to the union company is trying to cut wages and saleries over budget downsizing policy and our peoples are not agree on this.

Hoping best for the union of amazon to have thier right in no time.


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