Uber self driving car is suspended in US and Canada after 1 died.

A very unfortunate news has been broken through out internet, life is mortal and price less thing but as we are stepijg in the robotic erra we are making more bearers of safety in our life. Some what safety issue is also take place in the city Airizona where uber self driving car hit a women when she is crossing road.

Full of sorrow uber has stated many saying regarding this unfortunate accident on internet but still life of every one is beyond more then some sorrow words.

The datails of this accidents stated by the police is that a self driving SUV car from uber has taken the women. And this incident basically occured on late sunday night, 18th of march 2018. According to the police the car is on automatic mode while driver is in the but he is helpless.

All self driving uber cars are suspended by Uber

The representative from uber stated that we has suspended all of the selfdriving cars activing througout the channel of all countries. He also stated that the loss is not some thing we can bare but we can cooperate with family members as well police in any means.

According to me, safety is always a first priority thing, and we should check weather the technology can harm us in near future or not, before applying it in society.


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