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Sony Xperia XZ premium price update Pakistan

Sony mobiles Pakistan distributer Inovi techbologies in Pakistan is here now with the new lower prices for tge cellphone which is complete equiped to amized you as they are calling this cellphone with a “wow” head. So as per the wow confident, they have, about sony Xperia XZ in Pakistan we can imagine the features. According to the rumors in market this cell phone price update is going to make a huge impact in market because the cellphone has amaizing features in less prices after update. Sony phone interface is loved by most of the people in Pakistan and the elegant coorporate design always stands out its phones from a que. So with out waisting more time lets have a review of Sony Xperia XZ premium in Pakistan

Why they are calling it premium?

The first question rises in my mind regarding the sony Xperia XZ premium is why the are calling it feature and after being consious about the word. I heard another noise of the tag line that they are saying about that it make everything wow.

According to me this cellphone is complete package on all the aspects. We will give a complete review of this cellphibe soon but for now some of the spicy features of Sony Xperia XZ premium in Pakistan check this out.

Specification Xperia XZ premium

  • The World’s first smart phone with a 5.5″ *4K HDR Display*
  • The most Powerful processor in Sony Mobile *Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 835*
  • •19MP Motion Eye Camera with *Super slow motion 960 FPS*

Now after checking these specs you are also been amaized and want to grab this models as soon as possible. But now you can avail this offer in Pakistan too.

Sony Xperia XZ price in Pakistan is updated

As per todays market update the new price of Sony Xperia XZ premium is 71,999 PKR. But the old price of tgis cellphone is 77,999 PKR.

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