World is becoming slaves of gadgets, smartphones and technologies

2018- A new Galaxy of Smart Gadgets

The world is growing at a rapid pace that no one among us would have thought 50 years back. Just imagine that if you were born in 1950. Did you have any idea about smartphones? Would you know how to run a pc? Were robots a familiar name in that era? I believe that certainly the answers to all these questions are a no.

New innovations are changing the world every now and then. The latest smartphones are not only astonishing with their unique and distinctive features but are making a big change in the human life too. So let us start discussing that how certain gadgets have evolved since their inception and how they are bringing a change in our lives.

How new technologies are bringing a change in human life?

New technologies such as the latest robots are this generation’s greatest innovation. Top robots such as PETMAN, Junko Chihira, The SCHAFT Bipedal Robot, and ATLAS Unplugged are a few such robots that have made a drastic change in our lives. Many old aged people who are lonely are making great use of Robot pets as they tend to reduce their loneliness through them.

The Rise of Gaming and Digital Games

Games have been a part of every human from their birth. But previously it was the outdoor sports that were popular and played by people. However, now the spot has been replaced by online and video games and people tend to spend hours playing them instead of outdoor games. Popular gaming platforms such as Xbox and Playstation are everyone’s dream whether it is a school going kid or a grown up adult. People want to play popular games such as PES, FIFA series, NFS, Call of Duty, and many more games too. Although, such games are popular, people who can’t afford such consoles tend to play such games on their smartphones. Popular smartphone games include Dream League Soccer, Clash of Clans, and Subway Surfers.

The Rise of Hacking

In today’s digital era, social media platforms and internet websites are the entire buzz. People have numerous social media accounts and websites for their personal and professional purposes. But, this has also led to the rise of professional, non-professional, ethical, and un-ethical hackers who have started hacking for different purposes. Some may have the purpose to steal large amounts of money while some may want to take revenge. Some may want to see on another person’s inner life while some may have other reasons. Although illegal, people are still practicing this activity and getting their desired results.

The Craze for Smartphones

Smartphones are the biggest attractions these days and everyone wants to grab one. Some might prefer smaller brands due to affordability while some may afford expensive flagship phones from top companies such as Samsung and Apple. The new features that no one could even imagine before are bringing people so much closer to each other that the world has turned in to a blobal village.


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