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Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan | Oppo is releasing Oppo F7 in Pakistan Soon

Oppo Revolutionizes the Smartphone Industry with the Launch of Oppo F7

Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan, specification and launch date in Pakistan

Oppo F7 is coming in Pakistan and we are waiting for this model in Pakistan because of some extra features and off course previous results of Oppo Mobiles making oppo brand more popular in Pakistan and now in OPPo F7 Specs are going to spice in the market. Before moving toward the Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan let talk about the Oppo F7 Specs and why this mobile is so good.

Oppo Revolutionize Smartphone Industry with the launch of Oppo F7

Oppo Revolutionizes the smartphone industry with the launch of Oppo F7, Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. We cannot even breathe without smartphones. They not only help reduce your boredom and increase your productivity but are beneficial in any aspect of our lives.
They not only wake you up through alarms, they also help you keep contact with your family and friends on a regular basis through calls and messages. Smartphones are always there for our entertainment.
Such dominance of smartphones in our lives has increased the need for smartphone manufacturing companies to produce such smartphones that can deliver at the maximum level with the best user experience.

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Currently there are numerous smartphone manufacturing companies in the market that aim at providing the best user experience to their customer by selling the most amazing smartphones. Samsung, Apple, Vivo and Huawei are namely a few companies that are very dominant in the smartphone industry. But, there is one such name that has made its own respect by introducing the most distinctive smartphone in the industry.


The name of that company is Oppo. Oppo is a multinational brand that is very famous all around the world for its high quality premium smartphones. Oppo aims to revolutionize the smartphone industry by introducing latest technologies. People all around the world wait for Oppo to release its latest smartphones and Oppo always lives up to the task.

Recently, Oppo was again in the headlines and this time it was because of its latest release of Oppo F7 which is surely a smartphone to watch out for. Smartphone lovers have started to expect a lot from this amazing phone and Oppo to promises that this phone will deliver at the highest level. So, let us start discussing Oppo F7 price in Pakistan along with its detailed specifications.

Oppo F7 price in Pakistan
Oppo F7 price in Pakistan

Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan and Brief Description

Although it is very easy to think about the specifications of big smartphones or flagship phones, Oppo always tries to surprise its users with something new. Make it an amazing display or a big RAM. It could be the camera or a big internal memory, Oppo always brings something new to the table. So, here is a little glimpse of Oppo F7’s amazing specifications. Have a look at them then I will let you know Oppo F7 release date in Pakistan.

Oppo F7 Specs

– Android 8.0 Oreo
– 64 GB internal storage with an option to increase
– 6.23 inch LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.
– Corning Gorilla Glass 5
– 16 MP back camera
– 25 MP front camera
– Front glass
Oppo F7 is a great phone with these amazing features. But, do you know that this was just a glimpse or you can say that a trailer of a world full of excitement. A complete movie is waiting for you. So, let us see Oppo F7 price in Pakistan and Oppo F7 launching date in Pakistan.

Amazing Display and Design of Oppo F7 in Pakistan

One of the most prominent features of Oppo F7 is its amazing screen that is very difficult to find in any other smartphone these days.It will feature an amazing 6.2 inch FHD + display with an incredible aspect ratio of 19- 9. The most incredible thing about this phone is that it has extremely thin bezels which make it look like a one with no bezels at all. The phone also has a screen to body ratio of 89.09%. Although, the phone is great it itself, there is still a issue with its display that needs to be fixed in the upcoming models of Oppo. The phone does not feature an oleophobic coating which makes it probe to fingerprints and smudges which is big problem with almost every phone these days. The weight is also very light in weight of 158 grams and has a thickness of 7.5 mm. Smartphone lovers will also love this pone more when they will get to know about its round edges. The phone also features the power button along with the SIM tray on the right while the volume buttons have been placed on the left. The micro USB port has been placed at the bottom. Oppo F7 is a great phone to own as it looks extremely elegant and stylish in anyone’s hand and is worth for every penny spent. Below I will tell you about Oppo F7 price in Pakistan along with its release date in Pakistan.

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Inspiring and Attractive Colors of Oppo F7 in Pakistan

Smartphone lovers tend to pay special attention to the color of their smartphones these days as they prefer the phones that have the best colors. Oppo also recognizes this fact and tries to provide its customers with a wide range of colors to choose from. In the case of Oppo F7, Oppo has given its customers a big range of colors to choose from. The colors of this mobile will be Solar Red, Moonlight Silver, and Diamond Black. After seeing all these amazing features of it you will be tempted to buy one. So, below I will tell you about Oppo F7 price in Pakistan.

OPPO F7 Colors
OPPO F7 Colors

Software and Performance

Software is very important in major flagship phones these days as customers want the worth for every penny so they want a phone with software that delivers the best user experience. In this case it will feature the latest operating system of Android 8.1 Oreo which is the latest Android till date and will surely deliver the ultimate user experience that a smartphone lover can ever imagine. The phone will also feature a new feature of Smart Assistant that can be used by users to help them with various things such as favorite contacts, weather updates, and steps tracker. The phone will also feature a powerful processor of Mediatek Helio P60 which is very quick and has a speed of 2 GHz. The security features of this phone are also amazing as it

features an effective fingerprint scanner along with a premium face unlock feature.

Details Specification of OPPO F7

Prominent Hardware of this Phone
It is a great phone with amazing hardware. The phone will be launched in two variants. One variant will be containing a big 4 GB RAM and an internal space of 64 GB. While on the other hand, the second variant will contain a 6 GB RAM along with an internal storage of 128 GB. You can also increase the storage space of your devices through an SD card up to 256 GB. The battery is a big cause of concern for numerous smartphone users these days but it proves that it is not an ordinary phone. The phone will feature a big 3400 MAH battery which will keep you running throughout the day. Oppo release date in Pakistan will be discussed later in the article.

A new world of a photograph with Oppo F7 Camera

One of the major reasons behind Oppo’s immense popularity is its amazing camera. Although every smartphone from Oppo contains an amazing camera,This proves to be the leader of the pack. The phone will feature an amazing camera of 25 MP on the front for your super selfies. The front camera will also feature a pre installed AI that will work on selfie beautification so you always have an unforgettable photography experience. The back of the phone features a 16 MP single camera that supports 4K video recording so you can always save your favorite moments in the best results possible. The back camera will also feature the latest AI which will work on improving the image quality.

The release date of Oppo F7 in Pakistan

Oppo F7 has not been released in Pakistan at the moment but according to authentic sources, Oppo is expected to release the phone in April 2018 and I believe it is great news for every smartphone lover.

Oppo F7 Price & Oppo F7 specs
Oppo F7 Price & Oppo F7 specs

Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan

The price of Oppo F7 has not been confirmed but we all know that how much a flagship phone can cost around Rs. 35K to 40K. However, it is a tradition of Oppo to produce the best phones at the lowest price possible so I don’t think it will be much expensive compared to other flagship phones.
So, as a smartphone user and a smartphone lover I have been really impressed with Oppo F7 and I believe that it will be great for you too. So, after knowing Oppo F7 price in Pakistan, I believe that you will be thinking about buying one.

Update: Oppo F7 Price in Pakistan on 22-4-18

Price of Oppo F7 in Pakistan is launched and updated by us for you. So the price is given below.

Oppo F7 64 GB – 39,899 PKR

Opppo F7 128 GB – 49,899 PKR



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