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Nokia 1 Price, Specification and Release date in Pakistan

Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan Specfication and Release date in Pakistan

Nokia is one of the leading smartphone companies in the world which is known for its innovative and durable products. Recently, Nokia launched the new Nokia 1 in Pakistan which has made many smartphone users excited. The phone is extremely elegant and stylish and Nokia 1 Specification or Nokia 1 Specs are also the latest ones. We will discuss the Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan and also Nokia 1 launch Date in Pakistan as well letter on this post. Nokia 1 is a powerhouse of features that can surely blow your mind. So, let us start discussing this amazing phone’s amazing features.

First of All check out the Nokia 1 Official Trailer then we will move further toward Nokia 1 Specs

Nokia 1 Specifications

Nokia 1 Specification
Nokia 1 Specification

The following specifications are just a glimpse of Nokia 1 in Pakistan. So let us start.
– Android 8.0 Oreo Go
– 4.5 inch screen
– 8 GB ROM
– 1 GB RAM
– 2150 MAH battery
– 5 MP Back Camera
– 2 MP Back Camera
– Extremely Affordable

Nokia 1 price in Pakistan is extremely low so you can get all these features at a very low price. This was just a glimpse of this amazing phone. So, let us start discussing further details of this amazing phone.

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Design and Build of Nokia 1 in Pakistan

Nokia has always focused on providing the best results with the limited amount of resources. By doing this, Nokia has always shown the world how to budget better than others. Nokia 1 in Pakistan will also feature the traditional body like previous Nokia phones. Nokia 1 in Pakistan will feature a very strong polycarbonate plastic along with detachable Xpress-on covers. You will also get to see some amazing and attractive colors in the new Nokia 1.
Even if the phone falls and gets rusted, you can again make it new by switching the covers. Nokia 1 will also feature some prominent little additions which you only get to see inexpensive flagship phones. One such feature includes the pill-shaped camera surround which is quite attractive. Nokia 1 specifications are attractive enough to defeat the majority of its competitors.

Although Nokia 1 is attractive and elegant, it still does not feature few important things. These things include skinny screen bezels, curved sides, and a USB-C port. But, Nokia 1 price in Pakistan is extremely low so users can compromise on that. Moreover, other specs of Nokia 1 are great enough to cover these minor issues.

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Screen and Sound of Nokia 1

Nokia is well known and recognized for its quality audio output and amazing screen display. Maintaining all the standards, Nokia 1 in Pakistan will feature a 4.5 inch screen along with a screen resolution of 480 x 854 pixels.
This resolution is fine as it still allows users to read text easily and gives an amazing display during a video. The IPS screen also gives amazing viewing angles. The gap between the panel and the top glass is also very less which you don’t get in other cheap phones. Other specs of Nokia 1 also increase the value of the phone making it more competitive.

One of the most prominent features of this master piece is its amazing touch. With such a smooth touch you will surely forget that it is such a cheap phone. The brightness of the phone is also attractive enough to compete with other expensive phones. The phone also features a single rear speaker which is good enough to do its job. When we see all these features, we can surely say that Nokia 1 price in Pakistan is certainly very low.

Performance and Software of Nokia 1

Smartphone lovers always expect a lot from Nokia as it has a tradition of giving the best products. Although the phone only contains a 1 GB RAM, it still performs better than other expensive phones. According to experts, Nokia 1’s 1 GB RAM is quite better than other 2 GB RAM phones.

All features aside, the most promising and awaited feature of Nokia 1 is going to be its operating system. Nokia 1 is expected to feature the latest version of Android, Android Go. Nokia 1 specs include features of a mid-range phone. So, that is why Nokia used Android Go which is suitable for low-end hardware. The phone performs above expectations without any hanging issues. Moreover, you will also get the services of Google Assistant after holding down the Home key.

Android Go works same as other operating systems that users are familiar with. However, the major difference is on the multitasking screen where the apps are listed rather than floating tiles. Nokia 1 in Pakistan will be the first phone to feature this OS so it will be great to see the results.

This operating system will also consume less space as the phone only contains 8 GB internal memory. Google has also revised the Google Play Store for this Android. The Play Store will highlight all the apps that are suited for Android Go. Through this users will get to know that which apps will perform better so they can download them. Nokia 1 release date in Pakistan has passed so we are still waiting for hands-on review. After getting the review we can comment better on the performance.

The battery of Nokia 1

Nokia is the most popular phone when it comes to having a big battery or a great battery life. Whether the battery is low, it will still provide more hours than the others. Nokia 1 will also follow the same tradition and will contain a 2150 MAH battery. Users are expecting it to be as great as the traditional Nokia batteries.

Camera of Nokia 1

Nokia has started to invest more in the camera section of its phones. Nokia 1 will feature a 5 MP rear camera which is fine for a mid-range phone. The camera also displays amazing and clear results which is great news. Along with the LED light, you will also get a 2 MP front camera. The camera is less compared to other phones but Nokia always prefers quality over quantity.

Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan and Nokia 1 Release date in Pakistan 
Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan and Nokia 1 Release date in Pakistan

Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan

Price of Nokia 1 in Pakistan is not so high in my opinion Nokia has delivered this phone at a very competitive rate to make competition more offensive. So Nokia 1 Price in Pakistan or Price in PKR of Nokia 1 is 10,999.

Nokia 1 Launch Date in Pakistan and Final Verdict

It seems that Nokia 1 will sweep the mid-range market after its arrival. Many might say that the phone does not look good on paper but Nokia has always proved them wrong. Nokia 1 launch date in Pakistan was in February 2018 and soon the phone will be easily available. So, let us hope that Nokia 1 turns out to be a success story in 2018.


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