Mark Zuckerberg Makes $3 Billion While Facing the Congress:

Mark Zuckerberg Makes $3 Billion While Facing the Congress:

Mark Zuckerberg Makes $3 Billion While Facing the Congress Facebook has been affected by the biggest controversy in the company’s history. Facebook has been accused of leaking user data and is experiencing a major setback.

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Recently, the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was called by the Senate for a hearing to tell them about Facebook’s operations. Many people assumed that the hearing will affect Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook negatively but the results are quite surprising. According to authentic sources, Mark Zuckerberg has clearly benefited from the two days of the testimony.

Since Mar Zuckerberg entered the Senate, Facebook’s share has gone up by 3%. Investors were keen on trusting Mark Zuckerberg and were ready to invest in Facebook. So precisely, from the start of trading from Tuesday morning, the company has seen a 4.5% rise in stocks.

After calculating all the aspects, Mark Zuckerberg received an addition of almost $3 Billion in the past few days. Mark Zuckerberg has got 401.4 million shares in Facebook and his net worth in the company has increased to $66 Billion which clearly shows an increase of $3 million.

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This increase in value is not a normal one. According to sources, after the increase of this value, the Mark Zuckerberg has become the seventh richest person on the planet. Mark Zuckerberg was not the only one who benefited from this mishap. Other shareholders also saw a great rise in their value. Overall, Facebook has seen an increase of $23 Billion since Tuesday morning.

Although this development has increased Facebook’s value, the company is still under pressure. According to sources, Facebook’s stock is down at 7% which is very low compared to other top firms. The shares are also 16% lower than the all-time high after the arrival of scandals. However, the only good news is that the bad days are finally over.

Reports and sources suggest that Facebook will have to implement more secure strategies in the future. So, let us wait and watch that what further developments are made.


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