WhatsApp Dismiss as Admin Feature Rolled Out for iOS

WhatsApp Dismiss as Admin Feature Rolled Out for iOS

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and easy to use communication apps in the entire world. It keeps people connected to each other with so much ease. WhatsApp tries to innovate itself, thus it releases new updates regularly.

WhatsApp Dismiss as Admin Feature

Recently WhatsApp grabbed the headlines for its new update of Dismiss as Admin. Through this new and updated feature, other admins can remove a person from the post of admin in the group. Although the person will be removed as an admin, he or she will still be a part of the group as a member. And it is also important to note that other admins of the group can only avail this option and members will not get this feature.

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According to the latest reports, this update will be only available in one specific version for IOS users only. However, users of the Android operating system will have to wait for some time before getting this update. Using this feature is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to select the person you want to dismiss as an admin. A menu will open and then you can dismiss that person.

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Although numerous people are appreciating this feature, many are commenting on it too. People claim that admins can misuse this feature for fun. So, let us wait and see that what good this feature brings for the users.

Moreover, another feature of high priority notification is also released in the latest update. This feature is also not available in the Android operating system till now. So, let us all wait and see what benefits users get from these new updates.

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