Google Switches to RCS Messaging App from Allo

Google Switches to RCS Messaging App from Allo

Google has started to focus on improving the messaging experience for all Android users. Google has always received criticism over its messaging app. Users always complain regarding messaging app in Android which has affected Google’s reputation.

According to sources, Google is planning to end the usage of Allo and bring on a new messaging app for Android users. Google launched Allo in September 2016 and now it has decided to stop the work on Allo. Sources claim that Google will now be utilizing all the resources for the development of RCS. RCS will be a platform that will link messaging apps as well as other chap apps.

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Many people might be thinking that RCS is new. However, it is not that new and now it has been given a new name of Chat. Official sources from Google have claimed that all the resources used for Allo will now be diverted towards RCS. Through this, Google aims to take RCS to a whole new level.

RCS will be quite similar to Apple’s iMessage and will feature pretty much same features. Through RCS, the messaging app will be made similar across all Android devices. RCS will allow the users to chat for free on all Android devices as well as other platforms. Users will also have the possibility to merge all other chat apps with RCS.

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Although RCS will be quite similar to iMessage, it is still quite different from it. RCS has been specially designed to work along with other carriers. Google alone won’t be able to make any significant impact unless all mobile phone operators help Google achieve its target. So, let us all wait and watch how RCS turns out to be.


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