Careem hacked, 14 million users’ personal data stolen by massive cyber-attack

Careem hacked, 14 million users’ personal data stolen by massive cyber-attack:

Careem hacked, 14 million users’ personal data stolen by massive cyber-attack Careem is one of the fastest growing companies in Pakistan. From the last couple of years, Careem has been influential in the transport industry of Pakistan. People have started to prefer and rely on Careem. It is a very safe, affordable, and convenient mode of transportation for the people of Pakistan.

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However, the bad days for Careem have started. According to sources, Careem has just identified a prominent cyber attack. The cyber attack was made on the system where Careem stores all its data. Sources claim that almost 14 million Careem users and 558000 captains have become the target of this attack. Although hackers might have collected a wide variety of data, Careem has said that the following data has been compromised.

  • Careem usernames
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Trip Data

Although the news came in recently, Careem has said that the cyber attack was made on 14th January. Careem officials have said that they wanted to confirm about the hack previously. However, they wanted to confirm everything that is why they delayed the announcement of this hack.

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Careem users who signed up for Careem after this incident are also unaffected by this incident. All of their data is safe and secure and is not affected by the cyber attack. An official statement from Careem states that they have not seen any sign of misuse of the information. Moreover, they also added that the passwords and credit card numbers are also safe and not have been compromised. Careem has said that it has started an investigation of the matter with the help of cybersecurity experts.

Careem has advised the users to implement strong passwords. They have also said that Kareem users should keep a regular check on their account and review their account activity. In case of any misleading and doubtful information, they should contact Careem in the first instance.

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