Oppo F7 cheating caught: boosting performance for benchmark

Oppo F7 Caught Boosting Performance for Benchmarks

Oppo is one of the leading smartphone companies around the world. It is highly rated and acknowledged around the world for its elegance and durability. Oppo always gives importance to user perspective and it is one of the main reasons behind its success.

Oppo smartphones have built a great reputation in the industry. Smartphone lovers can’t stop from praising Oppo for its incredible smartphones. Recently, Oppo launched a new flagship device, which stunned the world. Oppo F7 is a power house of features and is a phone to watch out for.

Although, the phone was a big success, it is facing some serious issues now. An expert recently tested Oppo F7’s benchmark results and found some strange things. Oppo has now made a tradition of cheating when it comes to bench marking. Oppo F3 has also been accused of false benchmarking and now it’s the turn for the new Oppo F7.

Strange results were found by the investigator. He found that Helio P60 scored much higher on AnTuTu than it should. And that too by boosting all its cores to 2.0 GHz. He tested out these things by performing some expert level techniques. He even made a fake app similar to the original app. So, this is something that needs to be addressed. This can misguide users to a great extent and can have a negative impact on the market. So, Oppo should surely look in to it.


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