Xiaomi is working on Camera Division to improve image quality

In House Camera Division to Improve Image Quality Created by Xiaomi

Xiaomi has turned itself in to a technological giant. People have started following and trusting Xiaomi for its amazing and innovative smartphones. Xiaomi has focused on revolutionizing different aspects of the smartphone industry. According to latest sources, Xiaomi has now turned its focus towards revolutionizing the camera industry.

A leaked email from the top officials at Xiaomi suggests the creation of an in house camera department. To officials at Xiaomi believe that camera is an important part of a smartphone. By improving the cameras in Xiaomi phones, the company aims to compete at a higher level. Through world quality cameras, Xiaomi can easily compete with top brands such as Samsung and Apple.

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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S is the latest example of such efforts. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has been a very successful camera phone. It has gained user satisfaction as well as scored quite high in camera tests. So, just imagine that if Xiaomi creates a specialized team working on the camera of Xiaomi smartphones. Then, Xiaomi can surely expect great results from its smartphones.

The latest Xiaomi smartphone to launch will be Xiaomi Mi 7. It is going to be released soon. So, it won’t benefit from the creation of an in house camera division. However, Xiaomi Mi 7 will still feature a dual 16 MP camera. So, this is big news for all Xiaomi lovers and camera lovers. Let us all wait and hope that the new camera division provides positive results for Xiaomi as well as for users.

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