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Nokia 5.1 is about to launch soon

The rumor is running in market that Nokia 5.1 is about to come in the market but what actually the release date will be for Nokia 5.1 is not known by us andwe sre really blank about the detailed specs of Nokia 5.1 or Nokia 5 2018.

But for now some confirmed soecs are here with us for better understanding that Nokia 5.1 or Nokia 5 2018 has the similar specs with the last Nokia 5 but the upgrade is about battery. It is rumored that it coming with Battery of 3000 mAH and some other rumors saying that it is coming with NFC support functionalty plus it has a design upgrade too. With new full screen design like Nokia 7 and Nokia X5.

Release date of Nokia 5.1 or Nokia 5 2018

HMD upcoming launch event is scheduled in Rusia on 29th May 2018, expectations is that Nokia 5.1 or Nokia 5 2018 will be launched on the same date.

So hoping for the best about this upcoming smartphone of Nokia.

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