Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is coming with 50.5 Inch 4K Display

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 To Come With 50.5 Inch 4K Display

Microsoft Surface Hub 2: Microsoft has started working on enhancing its current products. It aims to revolutionize certain aspects of the industry by employing the latest technology. In order to achieve its goals, Microsoft has started to launch some highly innovative products.

In an attempt to do this, it launched Surface Hub 2 on 16th May. Surface Hub 2 is a big conference room display that could be used for multiple purposes. The first variant of Surface Hub was released three years ago so it took longer for the next variant to be launched. The first variant had 1080p 55-inch display along with 4K 84 inch variants. However, Surface Hub 2 will be a much-improved version. Users have great expectations attached to it. Surface Hub 2 will feature the following specifications.

  • A big 50.5-inch display
  • The latest 4K+ Resolution
  • An amazing 3-2 aspect ratio
  • Extremely thin bezels

The main aim of launching this amazing gadget is to promote interaction. Microsoft officials have said that Surface Hub 2 will make people move out of their seats and will enhance their creativity. This device can be used for a variety of purposes from writing notes to video calling. It features an amazing and attractive design along with easy to use features that are suitable for every occasion.

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The thing I like the most about this gadget is that users can pile up other Surface Hub 2 too to get a bigger and better display. Moreover, users can also place various Surface Pro 2 in the conference room, with each one providing a different function.

Microsoft has not released any details regarding this new gadget. However, major leaks have been surfacing the internet. According to sources, Microsoft Surface 2 will be available for purchase in 2019. So, till then let us all wait for it to be launched.

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