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Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 Surface Rumors leaks

Leaks Surface the Internet About Samsung Galaxy J7 2018

Samsung smartphones carry an iconic status in the global smartphone industry. Smartphone lovers are keen to prefer Samsung smartphones over other brands at any given time. It has been a tradition that leaks surface on the internet regarding the launch of a Samsung smartphone even before it has been announced.

The latest entrant to this list is Samsung Galaxy J7 2018. According to the latest leaks, the phone will be known as Samsung SM- J737A. Samsung has no released any details regarding the launch of Samsung Galaxy J7 2018. However, it is always tough to hide information from online hackers and tech pundits. Although leaks regarding Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 are surfacing the internet, we still do not have more information regarding the phone.

Some sources claim that Samsung Galaxy J7 2018 will be featuring the latest operating system of Android 8.0 Oreo. This was a pretty easy guess as Android 8.0 Oreo is the trending these days and every new phone is featuring this operating system. According to an authentic source, this phone will be featuring a powerful universal7870 motherboard too. The processor inducted in this phone will be ARM ARMv8. The topology of the processor includes 1 processor with 8 cores. The processor will also include an amazing base frequency of 1.59 GHz. As a general smartphone user, you might be wondering about the RAM, camera, and storage of Samsung Galaxy J7 2018. However, currently we lack any such information. So, stay tuned for more leaks and speculations regarding Samsung Galaxy J7 2018.

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