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Lenovo Z5 first smartphone with 4 TB storage

Lenovo Z5 to Feature 4 TB of Storage

Lenovo is one of the fastest emerging companies in the world. Although it has established and proved itself in other industries, it is still pretty much new to the smartphone industry. However, it has seen some great success in a short period of time. The success is largely due to Lenovo’s innovative and stylish flagship phones.

Recently we told you that Lenovo will soon launch its new flagship phone, Lenovo Z5. At that time, we did not have much information about the phone. However, now we have managed to gather the specifications and details of Lenovo Z5. The phone is expected to enter the market in June this year. One of the most prominent features of this phone is going to be its display. Lenovo Z5 will be featuring a screen to body ratio greater than 95%.

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Although everyone knows the phone will be a power house of features, we have still got breaking news for you. According to some official sources, Lenovo Z5 will be featuring 4TB internal storage. 4TB internal storage is surely something surprising. As a tech analyst, a smartphone with 4TB internal storage has surely blown away my mind. Some people might argue that it is impossible to develop a smartphone with 4TB internal storage. However, we have seen examples in the past of phones featuring 1TB storage. So, Lenovo might be on the right track.

sketched image of Lenovo Z5
sketched image of Lenovo Z5

A leaked sketched image of Lenovo is also surfacing the internet. According to the leaked image, Lenovo Z5 will feature extremely thin bezels along with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. Although Lenovo has not announced Z5’s release date, it is still believed that the phone will be released on June 14. So, let us all wait for the phone to launch itself or wait for any other rumors.

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