Qualcom Snapdragon 710 launches with flagship Upgrade Great features

As we all know the success of American giant Qualcomm. All of the mobile are greating with this technology and getting more for users every day. Now for the same reason Qualcom has launched its new series Snapdragon 700 and its first series of Mobile platform will be jn our hand soon. Qualcom is introducing Snapdaragon 710. The main objective behong the release to give most awaited features in this chip set for better user experience.

Now not waisting nuch time we should prceed toward the specfication of Snapdragon 710 or you can say that what features are upto with this new chipset.

As you can see the specification chart picture given, this can give you a clear understanding about the ton of feature you will get with the snapdragon 710 and it is very close with the company lattest chipset of Qualcom 845.

But to give you more clear knowledge lets brake the featyres in points

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to the specs release Snapdragon 710 will featured with a dedicated multi-core AI engine thst works more faster then the last snapdragon 660.

Andreno 616 GPU

As it is already clear that is coming with Andreno 616 GPU and with the power of this it can work more efficiantly and powerfully. Now can do much more with this new chip set including 4k HDR video playback, and also will able to reduce 40% of energy.

Spectra 250 ISP

First every chip set to use spectra 250 IPS can make camera more efficiant and pwerfull, its mean you can avail all 32MP canera quality by this ain’t it’s great?


With the new X15 LTE you can enjoy the connectivity of downlink speed of upto 800 mbps and uplink speed of 300mbps. Which is much faster then then the last version of qualcom snapdragon 660.


Snapdragon 710 can also be more power efficiant this small chip can bring you more connectivity with less power consumption. Because it has the small 10 nm processor whereas the old snapdragon 660 has 14 nm processor.

And there are much plus point or features you can avail with this new snapdragon 710. So hoping for the best for this new invention. And loving Qualcom efforts.

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