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Vivo Apex (All Display Phone) Launch in China is on June 12 – Check out the details

VIVO Apex (All Display Phone) To Launch On June 12

VIVO Apex Launch: VIVO is one of those brands that try to innovate on its own. VIVO has a history of breaking the barriers with innovative smartphones. It always tries to bring something new to the table which is one of the major reasons behind its success.

On display notch is the latest ongoing trend these days. Every top brand is featuring a notch on its flagship smartphones. However, VIVO has again decided not to go with the flow and bring something new to the table. According to sources, VIVO has decided to launch an all display smartphone. VIVO has announced that it will be launching its Vivo Apex on June 12 this year.

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Vivo Apex Launch in China

Vivo Apex Launch Date
Vivo Apex Launch Date

The phone will be launched in China before the world cup. VIVO is a major sponsor at the world cup so that is why the phone is set to be launched before the world cup kicks off. VIVO has also released a commercial regarding the world cup giving us a hint regarding the design of the phone.

According to the commercial, the phone features an in display fingerprint sensor along with a pop up selfie camera. We can also see the phone featuring rounded edges and smaller chin.

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Although numerous leaks and rumors regarding this phone are surfacing the internet, we still lack detailed information. VIVO itself has not provided any official details regarding the phone’s specifications. We even don’t know what the phone will be called. However, all we can do now is just wait and see that what the phone looks like after its release.

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