7nm A12 Chips By Apple is the near future

Apple Starts its working on 7nm A12 Chips and will be available soon check out the detials

Apple Starts Manufacturing Its 7nm A12 Chips

7nm A12 Chip By Apple: Apple iPhones are the most popular and sold smartphones of the current era. Millions of iPhone lovers preorder iPhones even before they are launched. Incredible design, latest specifications, and powerful hardware have contributed a lot towards iPhone’s success.

It is a known fact that Apple does not produce its own chips. However, it buys its chips from Samsung and TSMC. Both of these companies have been providing chips to Apple for almost a decade now. But, things are about to change now. Latest sources have confirmed that TSMC will be only providing Apple with 7nm A12 Apple chips. Samsung’s capacity to produce 7nm SoCs will be possible in the second half of this year. However, until then it will be too late for Samsung to deliver the chips.

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Apple releases its iPhones in September. So, it won’t be possible for Samsung to meet Apple’s production requirement. And sources have also revealed that Apple’s chip production has even started at TSMC’s plants. So, we might be seeing these chips in iPhone X’s update, iPhone X Plus, as well as on an unannounced budget efficient iPhone.

The 10nm production process is a quite a new one. However, other top end chips from Apple and Samsung use the similar process. This production process will help enhance performance as well as help in improving the battery life. Moreover, it will also result in power efficiency. So, let us all wait until September when the new iPhones will be launched.

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