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Boost Up Your Smart Phone by Deleting These Apps

Boost Up Your Smart Phone by Deleting These Apps

Can we do something to boost our phone’s speed?

Just like you I can’t stand a slow smart phone, so which apps can I delete to make it faster?

According to dailymail.co.uk, studies reveal that there are applications on your phone which can be deleted to increase the performance of your smart phone. Now boost up your smart phone by deleting these apps.

Is your android slow?

If so, then it’s time to delete some applications from your phone. A study done on over 3 million android devices shows that the biggest drainers are Google Maps, Google Play Music and Samsung All Share.

The applications that run on start up and start putting load on your ram and your mobile data are the apps which you can delete to make it faster.

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Applications that make even new phones lag:

There are some applications that come pre-installed with your android smart phone. Some of these applications are as follows;

Samsung All Share, ChatON Voice &Video Chat, Samsung Push Service, Google Talkback, Google Play Music, Google Maps, Google Play Newsstand, Google Plus, ChatON and Hangouts.

There are also several third party applications that are user activated also make your phone slower and drain battery life rapidly. After Avast made a comprehensive analysis of which applications consume more phone space, mobile data and generally slow your phone down, it was found that Facebook took up the most space and consumed the most mobile data. Apart from Facebook, chatting applications such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Messenger consume a large amount of ram memory. Streaming applications such as Twitch.tv, Youtube, Netflix and Spotify are also battery and data drainers, as well as consumers of a great portion of the phone’s ram.

Deleting these applications will reduce load from your smart phone’s ram and ensure faster performance speed since there will be more ram memory available.

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