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Which apps give money?

Which apps give money?

Applications (apps) are small software which assist users to perform a certain task in smart phones. Mostly adults nowadays kill time just scrolling Facebook and Instagram feed. In return they give you nothing just short term pleasure and keep away you from your vision. Keeping this scenario in mind app developers built such an apps with helps users to generate money without doing anything just sitting at home. In these apps you just have to view ads and in some apps you have to play games in order to earn the money. Now I am going to tell you which apps give money and fantastic opportunity.

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which apps give Money?

  1. iPoll

Android and iOS users can earn gift cards, cash prizes and much more. In this you have to download the app free of cost and start doing survey on given topics. The more you participate the more chances to earn more. Most survey pay $1 each, but it can go up to $10 depending on quality of survey. You can withdraw you money after you have $35.


  1. Swagbucks

In this app you can watch video ads, complete surveys, recommending app to others, shop in app’s mall and vote in daily polls and can earn points. After the certain amount of point you will be provided with gift cards which will be valid in recognized online stores like amazon and many more.


  1. Slidejoy

This app is very interesting in this you do not have to do anything. You are just paid to put ads on your smart phone. Every time you unlock your phone every time you see promotion or news story. If you want to know about that ads more you can swipe left and want to see more promotions you see swipe right. This app can help you earn more than $5 to $15 per month.


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