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Reasons of why Mobile charges slowly

Reasons of Why Mobile Charges Slowly

At present, many mobile offers fast charging, but this is not yet the case for all. Moreover, not all manufacturers offer a quick charger in the packaging (it would be too good!). These are some reasons of Why mobile charges slowly.

You do not use the right Charger

Unless you have a state-of-the-art Quick Charge 2.0 compatible charger and fast charger (but if you did, you would not be there!), you may not be using the right charger. Let’s hear that, the original charger of your mobile. It may seem trivial but the reality is that every USB adapter that comes with a device is designed to work with that device and not another, at least in theory.

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And unfortunately, if you replace your original charger with a low-end charger, it is possible that the charging performance is not optimal and Mobile charges slowly.

reason why mobile charges slowly
reason why mobile charges slowly

You do not use the right Power Source

Mobile charges slowly because there are several solutions to charge your mobile, however, the best of them is still the good old wall socket. If you go through the USB port of your PC, your mobile will load up to twice as slowly.

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Your USB cable is Defective

Mobile charges slowly because USB cables have an unfortunate tendency to wear easily. It must be said that they are constantly manipulated and that we are not always very careful with them. Apart from the simple wear of connecting them and disconnecting them several times a day, we often tend to wrap them when we put them in our bag or in our pocket and we have to face the facts, by force, it damages them. Sometimes you will have to buy a new USB cable. That said, it’s still cheaper than a new charger.

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