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Vivo NEX (Vivo Apex) will come in two Variants

VIVO Nex (Vivo Apex) to Come in Two Variants

VIVO has turned out to be a dominant force in the global smartphone industry. The pace at which VIVO is growing is surely something commendable. Recently, VIVO announced the arrival of VIVO Apex phone in March. This phone was supposed to be the next big thing from VIVO. The expected features of this amazing phone were as follows.

  • 91% screen to body ratio

  • Half screen fingerprint scanning

  • Elevating selfie camera

  • A bezel less experience

The above mentioned specifications are just a glimpse of this amazing phone. Although the phone is popularly known as the VIVO Apex phone, the original name is finally out. According to sources, this phone has been named as VIVO Nex. Moreover, the phone is also expected to be released on June 12th. More rumors regarding VIVO Nex have started to surface the internet.

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According to the latest rumors, the phone will be released in two variants. The first variant will feature an elevated camera while the second variant will feature a regular camera.

Experts also believe that this phone will set the new limits when it comes to AI. One of the advertisements of VIVO Nex also claims that the phone will be the flagship of AI wisdom. So, we can surely expect VIVO Nex to feature some ultimate AI. Moreover, there are also rumors that the phone will be launched in two variants depending on its RAM and ROM. Their details are as follows.

Varient 1

  • Snapdragon 845 processor
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 256 Gb ROM
  • CNY 4999

Varient 2

  • Snapdragon 660 processor
  • 6 GB Ram
  • 128 Gb ROM
  • CNY 3798

Apart from these specifications, both of these phones will feature an 8 MP front camera. VIVO has not provided any official details regarding the phone. So, let us wait until VIVO provides any details or the phone launches itself.

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