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Reasons of Why Apps Stop Working

Reasons of Why Apps Stop Working

Apps close unexpectedly or stop working is one of the most annoying experiences you can experience when you are using them. The causes are diverse, they can be bugs, have many other applications open at the same time, little phone memory, etc.  It is good that you are prepared if it happens again. Therefore, here we tell you what you need to know to understand why apps stop working and what you can do about it.

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Apps stop working because sometimes it’s not your smartphone’s fault. Like all application developers, we are constantly making changes to improve an application. However, no developer can examine everything since there are many operating systems (OS), OS versions (Android, especially) and several types of phones.

We would like to know what phone you were using at that time, what platform you were on – Android, iOS, what version, if you were using Wi-Fi or mobile network.

If the app is closed as soon as you open it, delete the data in “App info” that could solve the problem and prevent future similar failures.

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Apps stop working because of the multiple functions that it has. But having many applications open at par would undoubtedly be a reason for the failure of some, since smartphones support a limited number of open applications.

One solution we suggest is that is, the stored data. To do this you just have to go to Settings and look for the application administration option. There you will have the option to clean the cache of your applications.

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Apps stop working if you do not have a good connection, because the application was designed to work properly under certain conditions, such as not having interruption in the connection. The solution is to stay calm until you recover your good connection

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