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Which Apps Does Facebook Owns?

Which Apps Does Facebook Owns

Facebook is a social media company which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In spite of Facebook he owns many other apps. Some are connected with Facebook like Messenger and Instagram and now recently facebook connected with whatsapp also. in this article we let you know about which apps does facebook owns?

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There are 5 apps which Facebook owns you can read detailed in below :


This is a app through which we can chat. It is improve and enhanced version of Facebook chat. This is developed for iOS, Android and Windows users. Not only chat but we can also video call and audio call through this app. Moreover, user can send and receive money through messenger app using PayPal account or credit card information.


This is a photo sharing app. Initially it was very simple and had very less features. After Facebook has takeover, it comprises of many more features now and they are trying to make it as much user interface as possible.


Whatsapp is another big purchase of Facebook in 2014 when they requires a messaging and calling chamber. They claim that users’ data and information is secure and not seen by third party.


In 2014 Facebook took over another company named Oculus. This app used to collect information between users on the company service along with name, emails, and phone numbers. This app also note user’s location.

Masquerade (MSQRD)

This app is similar with snapchat. In order to came under the competition Facebook takeover this app. This assists users to face tracks and add three-dimensional animations to user’s face. This app collect information that is provided by user in start of making an account and other information like photos and videos that are created through this app.


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