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Xiaomi Upgrades MIUI 10 to Focus on Gestures, Camera Enhancements, and AI

Recently, Xiaomi announced the arrival of its latest Android launcher and people can’t wait to use it. The new MIUI 10 is expected to reach the majority of Xiaomi phones unlike previous versions which were only limited to a few devices. According sources, Xiaomi has worked on optimizing the new UI to work better on devices with high screen to body ratio and minimal bezels.

People could observe the changes in MIUI 9.5 only which replaced software buttons with navigation gestures. A slight change in the UI will allow users to enjoy a full screen experience. Plus, the recent apps menu will also display more apps providing a better experience. Xiaomi has also made some changes to the notification bar to provide a better full screen experience.

Although Xiaomi has made various significant changes to the display, the real changes have been made in its performance. The new AI will now keep track of the user’s habits and preferences and then adjust accordingly. Through this, the most used apps will open faster than the regular speed.

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A new car mode has also been inducted in the new MIUI. This mode makes navigation while traveling easier by eliminating the unnecessary distractions. Plus, users can also use enhanced voice commands for a variety of purposes such as answering a phone call.

Moreover, it will also work on improving the cameras of old Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi has also introduced various new ringtones in the new MIUI. Xiaomi believes that these new ringtones will be entertaining for the users. This new MIUI will be available to a wide variety of Xiaomi smartphones including old phones too. So, stay tuned for this new MIUI from Xiaomi.

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