Latest WhatsApp beta gets sticker preview

Latest WhatsApp beta gets sticker preview


Okay! So, another WhatsApp update is going to be released now. This time the releasing is actually supposed to be an old issue to activate the “stickers preview” feature further. The actual releasing date is not even released soon but with the WhatsApp beta 2.18.218 version. Users can able to view stickers preview before sending to someone. WhatsApp has also been working for a couple of months to add the sticker support on their popular instant messaging application. And this latest beta version can now give people the possibility to check the preview of coming stickers support on WhatsApp for Android.

Users can already be being able to see the new feature further whenever WhatsApp Sticker Store updated new stickers. You can see that there will be a green dot on the plus button (+) whenever there is a new sticker in the store. This option can make easy for the users to get them to notify about the new ones.

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Just keep an eye on that green dot. Whenever it blinks just click and update the new features, and you will get that sticker preview option. This is the big secret that now after introducing so many emoji’s. WhatsApp is soon launching a new trend which is available almost all the messaging application. WhatsApp is also adopting this feature to benefit its users now and providing them favorite new sticker previews now. Now users can access a sticker store in the latest versions of Skype as per WhatsApp Beta info which unwrapped the available and most up-to-date Android beta release.

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Remember that, even though you have got the latest beta already installed on your device. But it is also may happen that you are not able to see those preview features. As the features are not still live even on the latest version. It seems like it is hidden now from the users. However, you have to update the version to make a confirmation further whether you are able to see the preview or not.

Popular messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Line, Allo, WeChat, and Skype have already been issuing their own stickers. And after seeing their success through this feature, WhatsApp has now planned to also launch a new release in the update of a beta version. So far the users of WhatsApp can avail this popular feature on their favorite messaging app. According to the @WABetainfo on Twitter, “WhatsApp Beta version 2.18.218 brings a preview of the incoming sticker feature”.

Though, WhatsApp previously announced that the stickers were already be coming in May back during Facebook’s F8 developer gathering. WhatsApp beta version for Android 2.18.218 has now full with the feature of Sticker preview.  Stickers preview feature will be available at any time in the coming days. As far as we know that there is no such releasing date has revealed now. After updating the version, just check out the sticker store. If they show up the green dot on the + button. Then congratulation you can now have access to update the feature soon.

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