Google hit with record €4.34 billion EU antitrust fine

Google hit with record €4.34 billion EU antitrust fine

Google broke the rules; this time Google has been terribly fined a break-recording record of €4.34 billion ($5.04 billion). This is the reason for doing such over antitrust violations concerning its operating system named Android.

On Wednesday, the European Commission collect the fine, criticizing the Alphabet-owned organization tactics in attacking the makers of Android smartphones. To further preinstall Google’s individual search assistance and Chrome browser, to give them decision over competing services.

And after this, Google just stop the makers to preinstall its Android apps. This step is taken as the “breaking the rules” which is caught by the Google. However, Google also stops the makers from selling their new phones by applying a non-Google Android version.

Android has approximately 80 percent of the European smartphone business, and the rest 20 percent is being in the hands of the Apple. Though, the phone companies cannot reasonably rearrange to a non-Google operating system. In the other simple words, Google has remarkable and fantastic power in the sector of the smartphone of European, which now makes the actions even more sensitive to antitrust law and regulation.


According to the Margrethe Vestager, the competition commissioner, she said in the tweet that “Google has now been using the Android as a vehicle to connect the dominance of its own search engine. Google should have to stop this.” She also added that the “these modes have rejected competitors the chance to innovate further and fight on the merits. They have refused European users the benefits of active engagement in the major mobile field. This is unlawful under EU antitrust regulations.”

However, the European Commission blamed Google for longer than two years ago of the antitrust violations. They said it was just breaking the actual law of competition by forcing the makers to install the Google services. And also, Google paying the makers to further make its own search engine as a default.

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According to the report of Bloomberg, Mr. Sundar Pichai who is Google chief just had a last-minute call on Tuesday with Vestager. Which is meant to be a great discipline in EU antitrust cases.

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