WhatsApp’s New Group Calling Feature Update is Now Out.

WhatsApp’s New Group Calling Feature Update is Now Out.

WhatsApp is a mobile application owned by Facebook. Before Facebook took over it has very few functions and also was not used by many people. But now they keep on updating the app to keep their customers up to date with all new functions. This application is now a necessity in a smartphone user and helps in communicating with people all around the world. In this app, we can send texts, voice messages, videos, photos and even we can do video and voice call to the person sitting another corner of the world. In last year’s Facebook conference they leaked they will add a super amazing feature in the application.

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As per their commitment that feature is live now. You might be eagerly waiting to know what it is. It is related to video and voice calls and many of its users had given this update advice through feedback. Until now you must have guessed it. Yes, you are right, it is group video and audio calling facility.

This feature is now live on both Android and in the iOS operating system. In this new invention, a user can connect to their friends and family members through video and audio call and talk to more than one person at a time. It means we can now arrange meetups and organise a reunion online just using an application. There is a huge advantage for business officials they now don’t need to visit different places for meeting. They can just now use this Whatsapp new feature to talk on different business ideas and it will also cut their travelling cost.

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Unfortunately, there is a restriction in these calling feature. A person can talk to four people at a single time. Which is still not bad. Moreover, these calls are also end-to-end encrypted. Which means WhatsApp or another third party can not listen to those calls. This is a unique selling and distinguishing point of WhatsApp and no one is doing it.

According to WhatsApp research, their users spend 2 billion minutes talking on the phone every single day. They released their voice call feature back in 2014 and video call in 2016. And now this group calling feature is now expected to be widely used by their users.


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