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Huawei Mate 20 expected to come with Kirin 980 and wireless charging

Huawei Mate 20 expected to come with Kirin 980 and wireless charging.

Huawei is recognized as the top emerging smartphone brand globally. They launch their new smartphones fully equipped with the latest technology. This makes them stable and competes in the market. Every time they come up with something new on their phone which is already in vogue and high demand by customers.

This year, Huawei is looking forward to launching their Huawei Mate series and there is no official trailer for this series to let the customers know the specifications and new shape. Recently a leaked just dropped on the internet by XDA Developers. They show that Huawei is expected to launch 3 brand new smartphone of Mate 20 series. Mate 20 lite, Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro.

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The leak that is released online is mainly about Huawei Mate 20. It is expected to release with the highest speed of processer which will complete all the tasks in the blink of an eye. Mate 20 is equipped with HI Silicon’s Kirin 980. As mentioned earlier it is beast of a machine rumored to have a 2.8GHz max clock speed. This ship is 40% more power efficient and works 20% faster than the Kirin 970 which is used in previous phones of Huawei.

The battery of this phone is gigantic and powerful of 4200mAh. In my knowledge of phones, it is the most powerful battery in the smartphone in today’s fashion. Its fastest functioning components and a long-lasting battery will allow users to works continuously for the longest hour. The main issue in other competitive brands was of battery and Huawei has successfully passed it this segment. This unique point will definitely boost their sales.

On the other hand, its display screen is forecasted as 6.3 inches while Mate 20 pro is rumored to have 6.9 inches screen. In addition to this, this phone has 8GB of RAM. Which can arrange all the performing tasks in fastest way manner and it has 128GB of internal storage. Which is huge for storing media like photos, videos and documents etc.

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Moreover, it has a fastest wireless charging facility which can charge the full battery in just one hour and lasts for more than 24 hours. We can likely expect to have the glass back of this smartphone. According to XDA the latest technology in display fingerprint scanner.

Lastly, this phone is likely to operate on the latest version of Android after Oreo 8.0.


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