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Top 5 Honor Play features

Top 5 Honor Play features :

Honor play, with a brand new handset, Honorable Gaming Phone Party is joining. If you call it for better consideration, here are the five main features of the game.

Kirin 970 : 

As different Kirin 970 phones, honor play advantages of Chips’ NPU, that modify camera recognition, have an exhibition to provide image colors and eye-catching pictures. It is capable of matching and outperforming chipsets. Huawei and Honor Devices have already performed high on various budgets. The Huawei Mate 20 Series can be honorable Play Kirin 970 just honored with the corner, but you have to quickly find a flagship suit on the Middle Range phone when you feel difficult to feel less.


Battery Life :

It is not well sitting for a cool pocket game just half of your batteries to cut off. Thankfully, using 3,750 mAH Cells of Honor Play is based on the average use of the maximum number of users with daily access. But for Gaming, Honor says that its GPU Turbo tech also reduces the overall power consumption by at least 15% if you are playing supporting titles, play for a longer time than the equivalent Android phone.

It is Basically an Honor 10 But a Bit Cheaper :


The main reason for separating the honor of the rest of the gaming phone is its design. You did not know that honor play is a gaming phone and you will be excused to get exclusive honors for the other recent phones of any honor. In fact, with the exception of extra marks, the rear fingerprint sensor of the transport, and a bit below the dual camera lens, Honor Play is basically metal uni body and honors with a low price tag. 10 is already the biggest flagship phone to consider honor, this is a great deal overall. It will be a welcome change from the design of your face of the Asus ROG phone and Xiaomi Black Shark. If you want that if you try to stand your Honor, instead of the snazzier Play Edition Ranges.

Gaming Features :

Of course, instead of features to enhance the experience of a gaming phone game will not be a gaming phone. The Honor’s Big Gambit looks at its many GPU Turbo tech, in which the Chinese brand claims increase up to 60% in GPU performance and 30% single frame reduces heat energy. The AL 4D Smart Shock is also available, which says phone calls will be used in different ways. Honor say that with 3D voice 7.1 channel Listen audio if you are below the fire in the shooter, you can give the edge because you can feel where shots are coming from. A big cave for all this is that you can count on the number of games that play honorable two most important things – GPU Turbo as well as 4D Smart Shock. Unless you’re playing PUBG mobile or mobile legends: Bing ben, you may not get the complete honor of the game. Here’s a lot of titles facilitate within the close to future.

Honor Play Price :

It is not technically a feature, but you can not talk about playing the honor without mentioning its Price. While Honor has not confirmed the pricing for the global market – we will clearly wait for the IFA for further details- (~ $ 286) For 4GB models can capture. If you are especially looking for a gaming phone with sports special features, the honor plate is far from the lowest entry point and pushes the Noble Red Magic over the past 100 $, pushing the cheapest gaming phone. in Pakistan Honor Play Price is Rs. 41,999/-

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Honor Play Unboxing :

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