With WhatsApp’s new feature anyone can access your chats

With WhatsApp’s new feature anyone can access your chats :

With more than 1.5 million users worldwide, new features have been promoted to control the user experience of instant messaging apps. Privacy and security are in Whatsapp’s DNA, so we have an end to end encryption. As long as the end to end is encrypted, your messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents, status updates, and calls are protected from falling into false hands.

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Recently, WhatsApp and Google also partnered with providing free backups that came with an error that breaks encryption. Although the chat on the phone is not yet secure, are not backed up, potentially anyone has been able to send and receive texts and photos. However, only Android users will face this problem because Google Play is installed on their devices and sign up with a Google address. Backups can be deleted if users go to Google Drive and tap into the Manage app settings.
More importantly, the firm’s help page also confirms that backups are not safe.

To verify end-to-end encrypted in a Chat :

  • Open the chat.
  • Tap on the contact name’s to open the contact info screen.
  • Tap Encryption to view the QR code and 60-digit number.

If you and your contacts are physically in front of each other, you can scan or ignore each other’s QR code, 60 digit numbers. If you scan a QR code, and if the code is really the same, a green checkbox will be shown. Since they match, you can make sure none of your messages or calls are stopping. If the code is not matching, you may be scanning different contact codes or a different phone number. If your contact has recently reinstalled WhatsApp or modified phones, we recommend sending you a new message and updating the code by scanning this code.

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“Important: Media and messages you back up aren’t protected by WhatsApp end-to-end encryption while in Google Drive.”

Chats back-ups are also beneficial because it helps keep the safety of an accident, such as after losing or breaking the phone, people will be able to restore them, but we still have the safety and safety of this feature. Confused privacy.

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