How to download WhatsApp Status on Android and IOS

How to download WhatsApp status on Android and IOS


How to download whatsapp status on android : At the starting of this year, WhatsApp launched a clone feature named, “status,” similar to Snap-chat Stories. Lately, it became popular in just a few months. With the help of “status” feature, users can upload multiple pictures and videos throughout the day, which stays for 24-hours.

This is a nice way to tell your stories to your WhatsApp members. There is also a security feature by which you can manage to show your stories to only selected people.

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Nowadays, people are getting frustrating to know about how to download whatsapp status on android and IOS. In this article, we are revealing some useful and easy steps for both the IOS and Android users to safe WhatsApp status videos easily.

Whatsapp Status

These methods are so easy to download recent status videos and pictures from your WhatsApp, but for this, you need to view that status for download later.

how to download whatsapp status on android:


There is a hidden folder active in your device, whenever you see a video status, it will be safe directly in that folder. To find out the hidden folder and download WhatsApp status videos, you need to do these following steps;

  • First, download the “ES File Manager” on your Android devices.
  • Second, open the ES file manager and click on the ” show hidden files” feature and swipe it to the right to make it active.
  • Third, go to your phone’s memory by the “file manager” and find out a folder named WhatsApp. Click the folder and open another folder named “.statuses.”
  • Now you are able to see all the viewed WhatsApp status videos and pictures, viewed items are stored in that folder.
  • Click the videos and select “move” to further download directly in your phone’s memory.

How to safe WhatsApp status videos on IOS:


IOS is not as easy like Android, how to download whatsapp status on ios, you need to do something critical steps. Down below we show you steps by steps downloading WhatsApp status features for your iPhone/iPads;

  • First, uninstall the original app of WhatsApp from your iPhone/iPad.
  • Second, make a register setup of your device on “build store”.
  • Third, from your safari browser, click here to install WhatsApp ++.
  • Forth, register your valid phone number on WhatsApp ++.
  • Now open the stories section, on the right corner tap from where you can save the videos and pictures in your desired folder of phone’s memory.

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These are the basic steps from where you can easily download the WhatsApp status videos and pictures easily without any mess. Above mentioned applications of both Android and IOS available on their apps store. how to download whatsapp status on android You just have to find out the apps on the store and then you can able to save your recent WhatsApp viewed status videos and pictures easily. Try out these steps and do tell us how these methods work for you.

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