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How To Use Pakistan Citizen Portal App

How To Use Pakistan Citizen Portal App

Prime Minister Imran Khan started an application which named is ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’. He started the app with an aim to timely solve out the obstacles of the people and notice their feedback. in this article we let you know how to use pakistan citizen portal app.

Prime Minister Khan also briefed the media regarding the procedure and steps of addressing the complaints from all the parts of the country.

He also said that, “Most important thing is that we will make policies through the voice of the public and we have to deliver an answer within a limited time frame.”

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How To Use Pakistan Citizen Portal App?

This portal app is just like a simple tool that allows people to record themselves over an app and post their complaints to the departments of concerned government.

The Deputy Secretary of Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) Adil Saeed Safi said to the media that after joining with the portal app, every citizen includes overseas can easily register their issues and complaints through an online app. However, the application would be run via Android beta version.

Although, the government also do more efforts to further include IOS version so that people of having iPhone can also record their complaints.

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Also, the reports of complaints which will be collected by the authorities should directly send to the Prime Minister, regularly.

The most time limit for submitting the complaint would be around ten days. The system would be a replication of the entry effectively running in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Around 3760 administrative and common divisions are connected with the entryway and the letters had been composed to all the commonplace governments about the new activity.

Adil Safi said the entry would be a stage forward towards building up a responsive administration in Pakistan.

What Are The Benefits Of The App?

  • The application supports people to record out their complaints about various sectors of duty delivery.
  • Citizens can also have support to further upload picture/video/audio files in the help of their complaints to assure proper operation.
  • Citizen’s Portal is the biggest and the first of its kind purpose in Pakistan that works ICT towards securing e-governance in a reliable sense.
  • A different essence of the app is the combination at various levels of the management structure.
  • A complaint recorded by a citizen is instantly available at the dashboards of the ministries and departments that concerned.
  • The official said people can give feedback and rate out their complaint decision to notify authorities in case if a complaint is not solved out or even to provide them their level of satisfaction.
  • The basic object of the Citizen’s Portal App is that “No complaint will persist unresolved”.
  • The purpose is to solve out all complaints amicably despite its complexity and type.

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