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Samsung to Announce its First Foldable Phone this Week

Samsung to Announce its First Foldable Phone this Week

Just when you think the world has advanced way too ahead the hardworking engineers surprise you. Developers spend days on creating new designs and technology for us. Burning the midnight oil, they gave us all this smart technology to make our lives easier.

Starting as a grocery trading store Samsung has come a long way. Today it stands shoulder to shoulder with big names in the industry like Apple Inc. and Huawei etc. The company started its journey from nothing to being the most competitive firm today. SC-1000, Samsung’s first phone was not as successful as Samsung’s gadgets are today. But, because of their hard work and innovations, Samsung is where it is today.  Or else who would have thought a grocery store would be working on a foldable smartphone one day.

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Samsung teased its new foldable smartphone in a sneaky way. As we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, Samsung here is dropping hints through it. The profile picture of the Samsung Mobile Facebook and Twitter page is an image of a folded Samsung logo. This is their way of hinting a foldable phone. Fans were quick to notice and are now patiently waiting for Samsung to give more information. The number of likes and tweets suggests it has got people quite excited so its safe to say it will conquer the tech world. Both Samsung and Huawei had been in a race to be the first to hit the world with a foldable phone, but some a Chinese company, Rouyu Technology, beat them to it.Samsung Foldable Phone

This year Samsung will definitely shock the world with a completely new series the Galaxy F smartphone which is a foldable OLED display. According to Samsung as well as other sources, we have found out quite a lot about this much-anticipated phone. The Galaxy F is going to have a large 7.3 inch OLED folding screen. Another screen of length 4.6 inches is on the outside of the phone so that you can use it as a normal phone when closed. The phone, of course, is expected to be heavy and large, but will easily slide into your back pocket because of its ability to fold.

Samsung teased another hint via Twitter at the foldable technology. It was an animated icon that looks like what you would expect a folding phone to look like. Moreover, Samsung is likely to announce more details about the phone this week at the Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2018. We will probably find out more about phone’s user interface. Just like the model, we are expecting a different and new UI to work with it. Google and Samsung coupled together to create the UI for this phone to give the users a different and unique experience.

Samsung foldable phone

We are pretty excited about the new revelations Samsung is about to hit us with. It definitely will not be easy on the wallet, though. So, we better start saving now because of the Galaxy F series which sure sound amazing.



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