Google Publishes the White paper that encourages the Investors all over the world to Explore and Expand Businesses in Pakistan

Google Publishes the White paper that encourages the Investors all over the world to Explore and Expand Businesses in Pakistan

This is the reality that no one can deny the importance of generations in our lives. Technology has rapidly turned out to be a significant pressure of the whole lot we do in our lives.

South Asia Google, believes that Pakistan is emerging as a key virtual-first country, which could not be ignored by foreign businesses.

Anthonisen writes about 5 motives groups to increase their digital method to Pakistan. In a blog post posted on Think with Google, a content platform that hosts professional evaluation of e-commerce and virtual branding for the Asia Pacific.

Anthonisen believes that Pakistan offers many opportunities for brands to reach and engage with customers who may have previously not been previously noticed. Quoting numbers for mobile and broadband penetration, he builds a case for Pakistan as an economic system powered by SMEs and a population that can grow to be one in all the most extensive digital audiences in the world.

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5 Primary motives to grab the eye of investors closer to Pakistan are


  1. Pakistan has the fifth largest population in the world:

Anthonisen quotes the Worldometers information and tells that Pakistan currently has over 202 million people that will be capable of online purchasers. With a large population density in city cities, Pakistan can grow to be a key goal market in the place.

  1. Pakistan’s rapidly growing economy is driven by the use of entrepreneurship:

In July 2018, the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered over 1000 corporations. Identified as one of the fourth fasting developing the economic system in the world and the pinnacle rising financial system in South Asia, Pakistan has 90 percent of companies registered as SMEs.

  1. The wide variety of smartphone customers is steadily increasing:

As smartphones emerge as practical and affordable, the more Pakistanis are opting for cellphone users. Currently, the United States has fifty-nine million phone users in Pakistan, and over eighty-three percent are Android customers. With the maximum pocket-friendly data charges in the world, Pakistan is seeing the boom of cell app usage.

  1. Pakistan’s internet penetration continues to develop:

Earlier this 12 months, Pakistan’s net penetration crossed 50 million customers and currently stands at 30 percent. While the percentage is low, the virtual intake keeps developing. Anthonisen says YouTube watch time in Pakistan has grown over 60 percent in the last three years.

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  1. China is investing in improvement and betterment projects across the country:

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the most significant Chinese investment in another country. One of the critical initiatives of CPEC is to connect more Pakistanis to the net through 820 kilometers of fiber-optic cable. Anthonisen also refers to the investments of China Mobile within the expansion for 3G and 4G.

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