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Isuzu Launches its Monster Truck D-Max Launches In Pakistan at Competitive Price

Isuzu Launches its Monster Truck D-Max Launches In Pakistan at Competitive Price

Gandhara Industries in Karachi assembled the entire range of Isuzu Max-D single and double cabin vehicles in Pakistan. Gandhara Industries has signed agreements with 12 dealers. Opening ceremonies have been held at Quetta and Lahore dealerships. The vehicle is famous as Chevrolet Colorado in the US market.

The colossal vehicle manufacturer Isuzu Motors Limited is known for its commercial vehicles and diesel engine. The Japanese company has been selling its products worldwide. Recently its beast truck D-Max made an entry in Pakistan’s market. It is a mid-sized truck that is known for its capabilities to conquer rugged terrains. It has a stylish exterior and an even stylish interior. The vehicle came out in 1963 and since then has been one of the most popular vehicles all around the globe.
Gandhara has secured agreements with 12 dealers across the country.  These dealerships will make sure that they provide 3S services to the customers. The dealerships also provide spare parts and maintenance.


The engine that feeds the beast is an Isuzu 4JJI diesel 3000cc turbo engine. A 2500cc model is also available in the market. Keeping the environment in mind, the company has given it an integrated technology of fuel-efficient diesel engineering. The truck can tow 3.5 ton of load.


D-Max’s contemporary design gives the driver to feel confident while driving on difficult terrains. The front of the truck is garnished with chrome grills. On the side rest the projector headlamps. The vehicle also has daylight running LEDs and fog lamps in the front. Moreover, it has electronic fold-in side mirrors. The side mirrors have LED indicators on them. LED lights do not consume a lot of energy and last longer. They are used as tail lights as well. The rims are made of alloy, with 18 inches of diameter.


The interior of this road beauty is its winning factor. Compared to local manufacturers D-Maz has quite a superior interior. The plastic used for the dashboard is of great quality plastic and chrome. TThe steering wheel has a leather wrap and multimedia controls. These features are available in all the variants. The spacious cabin makes it comfortable to ride the truck. There is abundant storage in the glove box, cupholders, and storage compartments. There are 8 speakers for a surround experience. In the center, upfront lies an 8 inches wide touchscreen, infotainment system. The windows roll down with automatic power buttons. The vehicle also sports a multi-information display (MID) cluster.

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Off-road Capabilities

Known for its capability to drive on rough terrains and unusual slopes, the Isuzu D-Max has quite some technological features. The Vehicles is equipped with Hill Start Assist & Descent Control. The Hill Start is automatically engaged to prevent vehicle to rollback on steep paths (above 5.7). The Electronic brake aids to it. Hill Descent Control gives maximum traction to deal with downhill terrains.

The flex ride suspension is specifically designed for this model. It balances firmness with flexibility. This promises a comfortable ride without compromising handling.

The specifically developed Flex-Ride suspension balances firmness (for load carrying) with flexibility, offering a comfortable ride without compromising handling. The truck has also got steel sump and steel guards under the body which protects it when it maneuvers off-road.

Since safety is a huge priority, Isuzu does not neglect it. The car comes with a reverse camera, an Electronic Stability Control, an Emergency Brake Assist, ABS Brakes, Trailer Sway Control, and  Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD).

Variants and Pricing

There are eight colors you can choose from. The colors that are available are Red, Grey, White, Silver, Green, Brown, Blue and Grey. The prices and engine size (cc) for different variants is as follows (in no particular order).

Variant Name Engine Size (cc) Ex-Factory Price(Rs)
Hi Spark; 4×2 Single Cabin Deckless 2499 2,425,000
V-Cross; 4×4 Double Cabin A/T 2999  4,675,000
Hi Spark; 4×2 Single Cabin 2499 2,625,000
Hi Lander; 4×4 Double Cabin 2499 3,975,000
V-Cross; 4×4 Double Cabin M/T 2999 4,450,000
V-Cross LS (Sports) 2999 4,875,000
Hi Lander; 4×4 Single Cabin 2499 3,725,000
V-Cross LS (Cargo Expert) 2999 4,875,000

Bringing Isuzu to Pakistan is a good move for the economy as it makes the market even more competitive and efficient. Its biggest rival in Pakistan is Toyota Hilux, though Isuzu D-Max could easily win in a comparison between the two. The base variant of Toyota Hilux costs Rs. 2,674,000 while the high-end model is priced at Rs. 5,399,000. Accessories packages cost even more.

Mr. Maqsood Khan, CEO Isuzu Quetta Motors, exclaimed that: “Isuzu D-Max is a great machine and it outperforms the existing competitors in the market.” He added that the dealership vows to facilitate the customers at every level. “We are not here to just sell the vehicle, we will ensure aftersales efficiently”.

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