FINAL DEADLINE: PTA to deactivate all smuggled phones by 31st December 2018

FINAL DEADLINE: PTA to deactivate all smuggled phones by 31st December 2018

As we all know that almost the maximum number of overseas Pakistanis are living in the UAE and as well as an abroad. Though, when they came back to Pakistan, they bring themselves with more than one mobile phone. And these phones which are also freed of customs duties. However, this will not even be the problem anymore.

Pakistan Minister Of State Finance:

Mr. Hammad Azhar, who is a current Minister of state finance of Pakistan, Economic and Revenue Affairs. Although, on the day of Saturday he said that now overseas Pakistanis can only take with them one phone per year without having to pay customs duty. However, a maximum limit of five can also be taken in as through personal luggage rules. But even though, according to new rules and regulations, these overseas Pakistanis should have to pay customs duty of four other phones.

Hammad Azhar Tweet Related To The Customs Duty Matter:

“For people bringing in phones from abroad, as per personal baggage rules, one phone per annum is allowed duty-free and up to a maximum of five phones in a year can be brought in. The duty on remaining four will have to be paid if you require service in Pakistan beyond 30 days,”.

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Smuggled Phones Will Be Blocked After 31st December:

On Friday, Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Information Minister, said that all these cell phones which are taken into the Pakistan illegally or in a smuggled way will be blocked after December 31 by (PTA).

He said this choice was taken to control cell phone sneaking, which is harming the national economy. In 2017-18, Pakistan imported $847.66 million (Dh3.11 billion) worth of cell phones. In the past money related year, Pakistan had imported over $1 billion worth of phones. As there was no obligation on imports from China. Because of an organized commerce assertion and a little obligation on imports from different nations.

Mr. Azhar Announces IMEI Number Solution:

Azhar said that if individuals are buying another phone or convey any phone. And for this, they wish to introduce a SIM in. And actuate after December 1, 2018, they should send its IMEI number to 8484 to think about its legitimate status. The IMEI number can be found in the portable’s container or by dialing *#06#.

Azhar said the bureau has likewise affirmed the unwinding in approaches with respect to business import of new and utilized cell phones.

“Prohibition on business import of utilized phones is additionally lifted. Although, if the said phone models fit in with PTA controls and obligations and charges are paid on them,” he included.

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He, be that as it may, cautioned that cell phones sold after December 1, 2018. And that is not custom obligation paid (i.e., carried) will be deactivated by the PTA following 30 days. Phones as of now being used or enacted before December 1 won’t be influenced or require enrollment.

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