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Top Trending Smartphones for 2019

Top Trending Smartphones for 2019

2018, such a mind-blowing year with full the latest and blasting innovations in smartphones. Like we get some edge-less smartphones as well as those foldable ones. However, we can assure that 2018 was a tremendous year for smartphones and companies for sure.

Now, the beginning of 2019 is all on its way to maximize your excitement level when you get to know about the top smartphone trends that are going to be expected in 2019.

Although, 2018 is just almost coming to an end now, this is just a new beginning for smartphones though. Today, we are announcing the best and top smartphone trend which is sure to be expected to stay on the top list in 2019.

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  • Focus on gaming ones:

Smartphone companies are a focus on maintaining the overall gaming experience in upcoming updates of 2019. They are also focused on developing such feature which can easily make the gaming experience better for users.

  • Foldable phones are still expected:

Yet, foldable phones first launched in the year of 2013 named as “you” by Samsung, but still, the concept stays up-to-date in the year 2019 as well. However, each and all big OEM is now further expected to declare a phone which is a foldable one in 2019.

Although, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and even such Sony phones have bendable in their pipeline product. Therefore, as you still remember that Samsung already made this demoed while launching a working foldable phone in this year of last month.

But for now, to further develop a stronger case, Google has just been busy in working on a different flavor of Android. However, a new thing and exciting thing is that these new flavors will be designed explicitly for the foldable phone’s screen.

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  • In-screen fingerprint sensor still expected yet:

2019 is all ready to expect such in-screen fingerprint phones except iPhone. Though, 2018 is the year, in which we have seen normally on-screen fingerprint sensor on a smartphone like Oneplus 6T. But, the new invention, in most of our opinion, is the actual shift from the base of optical sensors to an ultrasonic-based sensor.

However, we have already seen that OnePlus 6t’s application is innovative enough but not fast though to be stay realistic. So now, in 2019, those Ultrasonic based sensors will definitely be faster and even more secure as well.

  • Cameras and more cameras:

We already catch smartphones with having two cameras for more than ago. Though, having a multiple camera feature can able us to capture more scenic and beautiful images further. So, chances are that in 2019, smartphones will get more cameras to feature installed in it for a better photography result.

  • Latest notch designs:

Notches have really been one of the severe issues for most of the users in 2018. Furthermore, many worked with shorter notches and as well as sliding phones, the problem existed.

However, in 2019, you will be seen that this issue will fix by sliding phones. They will also introduce a notch design, as well as a hole-punch display.

So, stay tuned with 2019 to further reveals more secret…

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